Our Services

Criminal Defense Litigation Support


Paralegal  Consulting Services provides legal and factual research, investigative case analysis, trial preparation services, discovery management, legal  writing, and consulting at the pre-trial, trial, appellate and  post-conviction stages of criminal prosecution. We also provide expert  witness research services. 

We access subscription legal and  research databases to provide current and relevant research to aid in  your defense.  Our in-depth review of your case discovery, including  police reports, allows us to assist you and your attorney in preparing a  defense strategy and conduct focused research. 

Our services are available nationwide in both state and federal investigations and prosecutions. 

We offer assistance in administrative proceedings in the  criminal justice system (corrections disciplinary proceedings, parole  hearings, parole and probation revocations), offender registration,  and  public and court records research. We have extensive experience in obtaining records pursuant to the Freedom of Information requests at the local, state and federal level. 

We only provide services  under a written retainer agreement after fully advising the client  and/or their attorney of our fees and the scope of our services. We work on both hourly and flat-fee payment plans.

Paralegal Consulting Services is not a law firm and does not employ attorneys. We do not offer legal advice or engage in the practice of law.